A Letter from Larry Green
A Superior Alternative to Composting:

For Gardeners, Home owners, Farmers, and Industrial Practitioners in Organic Waste Processing

Much has been written and published on the subject of composting, gardening,…

Bokashi – An Advanced Alternative Environmentally Friendly Method for Organic Waste Processing
What are you doing with your Food Waste?

If you’re still throwing all those food scraps into a garbage can…’s time to change. Do you buy plastic garbage bags and carry out a smelly heavy wet…

Bokashi Fermenting – Protecting Marine Life and Water Habitats
Waste Disposal and Water Quality?

You can’t help but be impressed by the beauty and abundance of water on our planet.  And we know we’ve got to keep it clean and protected if we are…

Bokashi Composting – A Gardener’s Dream!

Winter by Hendrick Avercamp, early 17th century.

We are once again in the dead of winter, a wonderful time to gather thoughts and contemplate the arrival of spring and summer.

A lot of…

Bokashi – Chemical Analysis and Biology

Some of you may be curious about those microbes we keep talking about that do a lot of important work….metabolizing food waste and even pet waste.  Yes….that’s right.  You can ferment dog and or cat…

Bokashi – Dig it! 10 Reasons to get started

There are so many reasons to make the change.  We want to educate and inform those who have not yet discovered it, that there is an easy way to become a non-polluter.  It’s easy, fast,…

Bokashi – Bones, Pits, Dog Poop and Winter Weather

We are in the dead of winter, a wonderful time to gather thoughts and contemplate the arrival of spring and summer.  In the Pacific Northwest we are fortunate to have mild winters.

It is so…

Bokashi Expert’s Guide Part 3 of 3 – Bokashi Sustainable Farming Practices, Cycling Food Waste Intelligently

In the midst of all the bad news about climate change, poisons in the water supply, soil, and food supply it is most encouraging to discover how creative we are in finding solutions to these…

Bokashi Expert’s Guide Part 2 of 3 – Fermenting Food Waste, Apartment and Condo Use, Commercial Applications, and more.

How fast and efficient is Bokashi fermenting compared to composting or burial of food waste?  It is 10 times faster than composting and yields a far richer end product for your plants and garden.  In…

Bokashi Expert’s Guide Part 1 of 3 – Fermenting Food Waste, Apartment and Condo Use, Commercial Applications, and more.

In a 3 part series I want to help you understand much more intimately how to bokashi ferment waste material.  Maybe you’ve been fermenting waste material and wonder how to get rid of the bones,…

Bokashi Fermentation – Rooftop Gardens, Apartments & Condominiums

There are many advantages related to living in the city, in a high rise condominium, or in a high rise apartment close to the center of town.  With a little imagination you can create your…

Bokashi Your Yard Waste!

We’ve been talking a lot about all kinds of things related to bokashi.  In our last blog we spoke of Diogenes (the Dog) and summarized in our view how being uninformed or applying science inappropriately…

Prairie Dog Science: Curb Side Food Waste, Kitchen Scraps, Green Cones, Composting & Heavy Metals!
Diogenes the Dog

I’d like to take a little time to put it straight.  Searching for the truth is hard work.  Most of us are a little lazy.  We are busy and we may prefer…

Bokashi saves you Money & Gets Rid of Your Garbage!

How would you like to get rid of bad smells and stop the pests that go after your garbage (rats, dogs, flies and cockroaches) …and quit paying the city so much to hall the stuff…

Tails from the Underground!

We were talking about soil, the need for diversity in soil microbes to support and sustain healthy plants, and want to focus on practices that are least likely to adversely affect our planet.

We have…

Seattle to require table-scrap recycling at homes in 2009

We’re talking about TRASH! That’s right, about the scraps and food that end up in your trash can and then in the landfills near and around cities. The people involved in handling your scraps refer to this…

Greenhouse Gases……Microbes, Plants, Microbial Fertilizers?
What’s in the soil anyway?

A lot more then you may have every imagined……..and it’s pretty exciting.  Maybe you think it really isn’t a big deal and not so very important.  Tell that to the…

Greenhouse Gases, Wormeries, Compost, and Bio-Char, Oh My!

Things aren’t always as they appear………or as we are told.  Like the scarecrow, the tin man, and the cowardly lion, we need good ideas, our heart, and courage to do what is right.  We are…

The Naked Truth…..about COMPOST!

There, I just blurted it out……….there is something untruthful, something not being said about compost. Understanding and committing to practices that are truly sustainable takes courage, involves change, requires forethought and action but gives in…

Bokashi Gardening – Fermented Food Waste, Pet Poop, and Yard Waste make a Great Garden
Dragon Flies in my Garden?

We had a cold and long wet winter in the Pacific Northwest and summer was a long time coming.  It seemed as if everyone with a garden noted plants were…

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