Protecting Groundwater From Pathogen Run-Off

Picking up pet waste is an important part of being a caring member of your neighborhood or community. Nobody wants to walk around streets littered with pet waste, and this goes a long way to making public spaces less enjoyable for everyone. However, pet waste left sitting in the grass or on the sidewalk is much more than just an eyesore. The real issues begin when it rains.

Pet waste is littered with pathogens, parasites, and potentially dangerous microorganisms, and when it rains, pet waste, along with all of the negative piggybackers, drains off into larger water reservoirs, polluting them. This is a long term problem for our environment, so it’s important to address the real reasons that picking up pet waste is not only polite, but ecologically necessary.

Why is Groundwater Important?

Groundwater is the drinking water source for more than 50% of Americans, including almost everyone in rural areas, as well the primary source of water for crop irrigation. Groundwater is almost ubiquitous, accumulating as rain and melting snow seep through cracks in the ground, raising the water table. These key uses for human consumption and agriculture, make groundwater a hugely important natural resource.

Contamination of groundwater, via the parasites, microorganisms, and pathogens in pet waste, can have massive ramifications for any community, especially those that rely solely on groundwater for their drinking water. Groundwater can also be polluted by landfills, septic tanks, underground gas tanks, and fertilizers and pesticides. Once groundwater becomes polluted, it will no longer be safe to drink.

How To Properly Dispose of Pet Waste

Protecting groundwater is key for preserving the water that we drink, and because of agriculture, the food we eat as well. Pet waste run-off is a simple to solve, but potentially devastating issue, which all pet owners need to take responsibility for. Picking up pet waste is an absolute must, and you should also educate other pet owners in your community about the effects on groundwater that pet waste can have that go beyond the unsightly appearance.

Properly disposing pet waste is also important. Using bokashi fermentation to turn your pet waste into organic plant nutrients is an easy way to help protect groundwater for future generations, while keeping your community clean and waste-free. If you’re interested in Bokashi Cycle’s pet waste disposal products, check out our online store today!

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