Using Bokashi Cycle For Pet Waste

pet waste disposalIf there’s one thing that all pet owners can agree on, it’s that pet waste disposal isn’t exactly a state-of-the-art science. Whether it’s changing cat litter, or walking around your neighborhood with a little plastic baggy of dog waste, as the infomercial announcer would say, ‘there’s got to be a better way!’

While these irritating daily rituals might be the main thing people think of when they’re considering pet waste disposal, there are actually other worse consequences that pet waste has on the environment. Bokashi Cycle can help reduce the impact of pet waste on both your life and the environment, through the bokashi fermentation process’ revolutionary organic/pet waste disposal capabilities.

Environmental Impacts of Pet Waste

All of the current options for pet waste disposal leave something to be desired. Obviously, pet waste cannot just be left out in the open. Leaving this waste where it is leads to it running into larger bodies of water, where dangerous organisms and parasites can quickly accumulate, polluting these bodies of water. Burying waste isn’t effective either, as it takes a long time to decompose, and is still prone to contaminating groundwater with pathogens.

The next thought for disposing of pet waste is to do what we do with human waste, and flush it down the toilet. However, since our water treatment facilities aren’t set up to deal with pet waste in the same way it deals with human waste, parasites like toxoplasmosis, which has been well-documented to particularly infect pregnant women, aren’t dealt with effectively. So flushing isn’t an ideal route for pet waste disposal either.

Commonly, pet waste is just left in the plastic bags used to pick it up, and then thrown in the trash. When these are taken to the landfill, the waste is trapped deep in the ground, releasing methane for years and years. It also contributes to our ongoing battle with trash in general, with the plastic bags piling up more and more.

How Bokashi Cycle Can Help

Bokashi fermentation is an easy, effective solution to the pet waste disposal problems outlined above. Bokashi Pet Cycle transforms pet waste into effective, productive plant nutrients for your home and garden. It’s quick and easy to implement, reduces the smell of pet waste in your garbage, and is the most effective way to divert devastating pet waste pathogens away from the landfill and our bodies of water.

If you’re looking for the best and most innovative way to revolutionize your pet waste disposal, check out the Bokashi Cycle online store, for all of our Bokashi Pet Cycle products. Along with the effectiveness of our products on helping you with pet waste disposal, you can also get the satisfaction of being a part of the solution to our planet’s environmental issues.

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