Residential Use

Bokashi Cycle allows you to rapidly convert household organic waste into products to biologically activate soil, turning your home and garden into a healthy, sustainable ecosystem for organic waste disposal.

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The Problem

Many households are trying to be more sustainable when it comes to organic waste, but composting just isn’t the solution that it’s chalked up to be. Whether it’s the disgusting smells, gross juices and byproducts, or worst of all, the vermin that compost attracts, there are many problems for the responsible composter to deal with. It’s time to reap the benefits of your sustainable lifestyle, and utilize a more effective, more enticing, and more sustainable solution to organic waste.


The Benefits

The bokashi fermentation process is simple to implement, and takes about 10 days to complete a full cycle, making Bokashi Cycle an ideal solution to your organic waste disposal problem. The resulting AgrowTeaTM and AgrowPulpTM products also fortify your garden, to increase nutrient uptake and plant health across the board. You can also say goodbye to the nasty smells of the composting process, as Bokashi Cycle’s anaerobic fermentation method doesn’t involve oxygen or greenhouse gases.


Quick and easy to implement


Two week, effortless process


Organic waste becomes AgrowTea and AgrowPulp


No more composting smell

Residential Use Products

Bokashi Cycle Residential Instructions


How it Works?

Bokashi fermentation harnesses the power of microorganisms to break down organic waste, without using oxygen, in just two weeks time.


Bokashi fermentation is anaerobic, meaning it excludes oxygen, which reduces greenhouse gas and smell production.


Bokashi fermentation taps into the thriving ecosystem of microorganisms to ferment organic waste.


You can turn organic waste into productive soil nutrients in just two weeks time, with little manual effort required.

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Other Applications

Pet Use
The smell and hassle of pet waste can be converted into an opportunity with Bokashi Cycle, as biologically active soil nutrients replace plastic bags piling up in your garbage can.
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Whether you’re a home gardener, or growing on thousands of acres, bokashi fermentation makes agriculture a cost saving, natural, fruitful, efficient, and environmentally beneficial practice.
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Food Industry
Bokashi Cycle works with industrial clients, to develop and implement long term, cost effective, profitable, and efficient organic waste solutions on massive scales, empowering food producers and waste handlers to conquer organic waste.
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Manure & Agriculture
Bokashi Cycle’s industry compliant and approved equipment and protocol systems are the most effective, innovative, and sustainable solution to organic waste disposal in the marijuana industry.
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