Manure & Agriculture Use

Whether you're a home gardener, or growing on thousands of acres, bokashi fermentation makes agriculture a cost saving, natural, fruitful, efficient, and environmentally beneficial practice. By eliminating greenhouse gases, conserving water, replacing chemically treated soil with a biologically active soil, increasing soil fertility, and eliminating dependence on petroleum-derived fertilizers and fumigants, Bokashi Cycle's process is the perfect solution for the novice or professional grower.

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the problem

Agricultural waste produces large amounts of greenhouse gases as it decomposes, along with all of the pathogens involved in the breakdown process. The process for decomposition and disposal is neither fast nor efficient, and handling the problem can be taxing and time-consuming for producers. The byproducts of waste disposal are also not especially productive, which leads to the ongoing reliance on fertilizers and fumigants that have a negative impact on any efforts for more sustainable agriculture. Another issue for agricultural organic waste disposal is dealing with manure. Farm manure is an increasingly difficult problem for farmers because of challenging and expensive containment and contamination regulatory demands.


The Benefits

Fermenting organic waste involves closed systems, where oxygen is excluded, and specialized microbes and fungi use enzymatic degrading to break apart large molecules and disrupt cells, releasing a vast array of diverse and productive metabolites and nutrients. Roughly 75% (by weight) of the byproduct material is liquid (known as AgrowTeaTM), and 25% is suspended solids, or cake (known as AgrowPulpTM). AgrowTeaTM is commonly applied via spray technologies, but can also be applied by gravity or drip irrigation, and it will not clog the sprayers. AgrowPulpTM is commonly tilled directly into the field to improve soil tilth and fertility.

Bokashi fermenting manure takes roughly two weeks, can be done throughout the year, and eliminates the need for expensive retention ponds, expensive pumps, and large tracts of land tied up with manure processing. Greenhouse gases linked to composting and AD processing are eliminated, while locking nitrogen into the byproducts. Dairy operators can process all manure on site, killing coliforms quickly, and converting manure into a high value biologically active product. Manure processing takes very little space and a single Bokashi Cycle module can handle 22 tons of fresh manure per day in a space no bigger than a typical dairy barn.


No more composting or manure smells


Organic waste becomes AgrowTea and AgrowPulp


Quick and easy to implement, convenient onsite manure disposal


Reduces groundwater contamination, greenhouse gas and methane production


Very scalable without expensive modification or upgrading, with minimal maintenance and training required, and no need for expensive retention ponds


Owner-operator has total control over process and profits and wholesale/retail product lines

manure & agriculture products
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Clients interested in more efficiently and profitably recycling manure waste or onsite fermenting operations should contact Bokashi Cycle by email or by phone 800.714.2130.

Bokashi Cycle will show you how to start your pilot manure processing program in 55 gallon HDPE fermenting units. Bokashi Cycle provides turn key modular systems for all size operations in addition to consulting and system integration and installs.


how it works?

Bokashi fermentation harnesses the power of microorganisms to break down organic waste, without using oxygen, in just two weeks time.


Bokashi fermentation is anaerobic, meaning it excludes oxygen, which reduces greenhouse gas and smell production.


Bokashi fermentation taps into the thriving ecosystem of microorganisms to ferment organic waste.


You can turn organic waste into productive soil nutrients in just two weeks time, with little manual effort required.

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Other Applications

Residential Use
Bokashi Cycle allows you to convert household organic waste into biologically active soil nutrients, turning your home and garden into a healthy, sustainable ecosystem for organic waste disposal.
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Pet Use
The smell and hassle of pet waste can be converted into an opportunity with Bokashi Cycle, as biologically active soil nutrients replace plastic bags piling up in your garbage can.
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Whether you’re a home gardener, or growing on thousands of acres, bokashi fermentation makes agriculture a cost saving, natural, fruitful, efficient, and environmentally beneficial practice.
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Food Industry
Bokashi Cycle works with industrial clients, to develop and implement long term, cost effective, profitable, and efficient organic waste solutions on massive scales, empowering food producers and waste handlers to conquer organic waste.
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