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Pet waste disposal is a problem. Bokashi Cycle allows you to reduce the risk of contaminating groundwater, turn pet waste into something useful, and feel good about keeping this waste out of the landfill and garbage can. Cats, dogs, and other domesticated animals generate a very large amount of daily waste. Most pet owners are responsible, pick up after their animals, and want to safely dispose of the waste. Fermenting it is easy, fast, and by far the most environmentally sound way of getting rid of it.

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The Problem

Animal waste left on the ground is not an acceptable option. Pet waste on the surface provides a stream of potentially dangerous organisms and parasites traveling with the water run-off to larger reservoirs, which are readily polluted. Even if you bury the waste, which is often the recommended solution, it takes a very long time to decompose. Buried pet waste will also still contaminate wells, lakes, and streams with pathogens, as microbes in the soil will only rapidly break down the waste once the soil has been bokashi fermented.

Flushing pet waste is also not an adequate solution, because water treatment facilities will not effectively eliminate parasites, such as toxoplasmosis, a parasite that has the well documented potential to infect humans, particularly pregnant women who become exposed and infected.

Collecting pet waste in plastic bags, and sealing and depositing them in cans, which are then taken to the landfill, guarantees that the waste will be retained deep in the ground to release methane for years, in a repository of plastic polymers. We need to keep this waste out of the landfill. Pet waste attracts flies, is smelly, and is loaded with microbes that can cause problems.


The Benefits

Bokashi fermentation is the only solution that avoids all of the problems listed above. Bokashi Pet Cycle Fermentation Systems safely and rapidly transform pet waste into a product that restores nutrients and microbes to the soil for ornamental plants, making it the better, simple choice for pet waste disposal.


Quick and easy to implement


No more pet waste smells


Organic waste becomes AgrowTea and AgrowPulp


Diverts pet waste away from the landfill, creates rich nutrients


Reduces groundwater contamination, greenhouse gas and methane production


Is safe and easy to employ, removing the risk of parasites entering water reservoirs

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Bokashi Cycle Pet Instructions


How it Works?

Bokashi fermentation harnesses the power of microorganisms to break down organic waste, without using oxygen, in just two weeks time.


Bokashi fermentation is anaerobic, meaning it excludes oxygen, which reduces greenhouse gas and smell production.


Bokashi fermentation taps into the thriving ecosystem of microorganisms to ferment organic waste.


You can turn organic waste into productive soil nutrients in just two weeks time, with little manual effort required.

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Other Applications

Residential Use
Bokashi Cycle allows you to convert household organic waste into biologically active soil nutrients, turning your home and garden into a healthy, sustainable ecosystem for organic waste disposal.
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Whether you’re a home gardener, or growing on thousands of acres, bokashi fermentation makes agriculture a cost saving, natural, fruitful, efficient, and environmentally beneficial practice.
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Food Industry
Bokashi Cycle works with industrial clients, to develop and implement long term, cost effective, profitable, and efficient organic waste solutions on massive scales, empowering food producers and waste handlers to conquer organic waste.
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Manure & Agriculture
Bokashi Cycle’s industry compliant and approved equipment and protocol systems are the most effective, innovative, and sustainable solution to organic waste disposal in the marijuana industry.
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