Food Industry

Bokashi Cycle systems are the simplest, least costly, and fastest way to recycle organic food waste. They use anaerobic processing with specialized microbes, and require about two weeks to reach the end point. The fermented waste is then separated into high value marketable products, AgrowTeaTM and AgrowPulpTM for sale and use in agricultural applications.


the problem

Composting processes and AD technologies contribute significantly to greenhouse gas production, releasing substantial amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. Growers also feel the need to use chemical fertilizers and fumigants, because no productive and sustainable alternative exists. The organic waste disposal problem in the food industry also lacks a long term solution, which empowers food producers to conquer this problem on their own, and to their own benefit.


The Benefits

Bokashi Cycle works with industrial clients to develop and implement long term cost effective, profitable, and efficient organic waste solutions on massive scales, providing turnkey systems for waste processing. We have focused efforts on more economically recycling green waste. We have both domestic and international patents regarding industrial scale waste processing, trade secrets, and know how acquired to greatly facilitate those who seek to more profitably and efficiently handle food waste. There is no other technology that so efficiently allows growers to improve their soil and agricultural crop performance, free of chemical toxins and hazards.

All of the equipment required to accomplish this task is readily available, including specialized fermenting tanks and seals. The single essential element needed to run an effective facility is a modular unit, which eliminates potential ground and groundwater contamination issues, putrefaction, and pest problems and foul odor issues that are typically associated with food waste processing. A modular unit defines the schematic flow and outline for a facility in the following three essential elements: a Receiving and Sorting Station, a Central Processing Station, and a Dewatering and Product Distribution Station. With this process, no waste ever touches the ground from the point of entry to the point of exit, as the waste has been converted to a high value end product. Moreover, it is a process that requires little energy and minimal space. The entire facility for processing 50 tons per day requires no more than 5,000 square meters on a flat cement floor with an enclosure.


Quick, easy and cost-effective to implement, convenient onsite organic waste disposal, can be used throughout the year


Organic waste becomes AgrowTea and AgrowPulp


No more composting smells


Reduces groundwater contamination, greenhouse gas and methane production, while saving water


Very scalable without expensive modification or upgrading, with minimal maintenance and training required

  reduces dependence

Dramatically reduces the community’s dependence on petroleum derived products

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Contact Us

Clients interested in more efficiently and profitably recycling food waste should contact Bokashi Cycle by email or by phone 800.714.2130.

Bokashi Cycle will show you how to start your pilot program with a food waste pulverizing machine and 48 55 gallon HDPE fermenting units. Small volume operators and farmers processing less than 20 tons per month do not have to enter into a contract unless they intend to market end products commercially.

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Other Applications

Residential Use
Bokashi Cycle allows you to convert household organic waste into biologically active soil nutrients, turning your home and garden into a healthy, sustainable ecosystem for organic waste disposal.
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Pet Use
The smell and hassle of pet waste can be converted into an opportunity with Bokashi Cycle, as biologically active soil nutrients replace plastic bags piling up in your garbage can.
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Whether you’re a home gardener, or growing on thousands of acres, bokashi fermentation makes agriculture a cost saving, natural, fruitful, efficient, and environmentally beneficial practice.
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Manure & Agriculture
Bokashi Cycle’s industry compliant and approved equipment and protocol systems are the most effective, innovative, and sustainable solution to organic waste disposal in the marijuana industry.
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