about bokashi cycle

The overarching goal of Bokashi Cycle is to implement and spread its bokashi fermentation system and process, the world’s fastest, most effective, efficient, and natural organic waste management process, for both industrial and domestic users.

Dr. Larry Green Bokashi Cycle Founder

Dr. Larry Green, the founder of Bokashi Cycle, is a research scientist with more than 40 years experience of problem solving in the bioscience sector. He is a physician and scientist, keenly interested in finding quality solutions to common problems affecting our daily lives. Like many others, he has witnessed the thoughtless, apparent disregard for precious land and resources, and strongly believes that we can do much to improve the situation by applying good science and common sense.

As the only company in the industry backed by scientific evidence and patents, Bokashi Cycle is committed to educating and informing the world about the central role of this relatively unknown process in the planet’s sustainable future. Not only is bokashi technology fast and effective, it also has an unparalleled ability to kill pathogens because it taps into the natural competition inherent in microflora ecosystems, mimicking the processes that have been shaped and driven by evolution.

Harnessing this power, which turns organic waste into products that biologically activates soil to better support plants as nature intended, empowers everyone to combat the environmental problems linked to organic waste improperly processed.

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