Using Bokashi Fermentation to Increase Sustainability Efforts

bokashi fermentation

Sustainability is the process of maintaining balance in our changing environment. More than ever, people are thinking about the products they use, considering where they came from and who made them, as well as the ongoing waste effects left behind.

Climate change is a major factor driving this movement. Engaging in sustainable efforts is a powerful way to connect with your environment and care for the world. Bokashi fermentation can increase your sustainability efforts through a variety of ways.

Less Landfill Waste

Bokashi fermentation has a primary function of breaking  down organic waste into useful soil nutrients. Beyond bolstering your garden or industrial food operation, this breakdown of organic waste helps to reduce the amount of food waste that ends up in plastic bags in landfills. This type of waste doesn’t break down because it’s separated from the natural environment. It then rots, creating potentially dangerous pathogens. Bokashi fermentation eliminates many problems associated with landfill waste.

Reduced Greenhouse Gases

Composting is the main alternative to bokashi fermentation, but one of the reasons people are switching away from composting is the greenhouse gas production. Compost emits greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide and methane, which contribute to climate change. Bokashi fermentation doesn’t involve oxygen in the waste breakdown process, thereby reducing greenhouse gas production.

Decreased Dependence on Pesticides

Soil nutrients that come from the organic waste breakdown process during fermentation allow you to use less pesticides and fungicides on your crops. These nutrients help grow healthier, tastier food, which means that you can achieve the same, or better, results without adding damaging chemicals into the food chain.

Less Groundwater Leaching

Pet waste is a common problem in polluting our groundwater sources, as pathogens in leftover waste flow into stored bodies of water when it rains. Bokashi fermentation is an effective way to keep pet waste out of both landfills and groundwater reservoirs by breaking it down in the same way it does to organic food waste.

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