Intro To AgrowPulp and AgrowTea

organic waste disposal

Bokashi fermentation and the Bokashicycle system, are the most revolutionary organic waste disposal process on the market for both commercial and domestic users. By eliminating oxygen from the organic waste breakdown process, Bokashicycle reduces the smells of composting, while also cutting down on the amount of greenhouse gases produced, including carbon dioxide and methane.

Beyond these great features of the system itself, is the fact that the bokashi fermentation process creates useful byproducts. These serve as excellent plant nutrients, which you can cycle back into your garden or industrial operation. These two byproducts, called AgrowPulp and AgrowTea, are made naturally and organically during the bokashi fermentation process, and help your crops grow larger, healthier, and free from the use of harmful pesticides and other petroleum-derived products. Let’s take a look at both of them, to see how they can help your garden flourish.  

What is AgrowPulp?

AgrowPulp is the solid remnants of the bokashi fermentation process, which are leftover after your organic waste is finished its two-week fermentation process. As the result of the bokashi fermentation process, your organic waste is not only no longer garbage or rotting matter, but it has been transformed into some seriously potent soil nutrients. By spreading the AgrowPulp throughout your garden or fields, mingling with the soil or other nutrients you’re already using, it will amplify the growing ability of your crops.

What is AgrowTea?

AgrowTea is the liquid output of the bokashi fermentation process, which can be collected during the fermentation process. Similar to AgrowPulp, it’s a great soil nutrient, which bolsters your crops, creating bigger, tastier, more resilient fruits, grains, and vegetables. You can spread the AgrowTea through a watering can, spray bottle, or industrial watering system, to allow an even coating over all of your plants. Many of our Bokashi Cycle fermenting containers come with a spout, to assist you with siphoning off the AgrowTea during the fermentation process.

Ready to Leverage the Power of AgrowPulp and AgrowTea?

Not only is bokashi fermentation the best way to dispose of your organic waste, but with byproducts like AgrowPulp and AgrowTea, it is also the gift that keeps on giving. Whether you’re a domestic gardener or industrial producer, check out our online store today, or browse our website to see even more benefits of the Bokashi Cycle system.

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