Preparing Your Garden For Spring

spring gardening

Spring is just around the corner, and March is the perfect time for preparing your garden for the summer harvest. Whether you’re beginning a home garden for the first time, or kicking off another decade of growing your own flowers or food, putting in the time during the spring makes the summer a time to relax.

In order to maximize the success of your home gardening efforts, it’s important to be strategic when choosing what kind of crops or flora to plant, what kind of nourishment you need to give your garden, and the time that you can use to make sure that your garden is as sustainable as possible.

Here is a little bit of insider info on how to plan out each of these steps, so that your home garden is a green and productive as possible!

Plan Your Plants

Having a prosperous home garden is really rooted (pun intended) in finding the perfect plants for the area you have, and the region that you live in. You need to consider many factors when choosing a plant, including how much time and effort you want to put into gardening, and the climate. For a more hands-off gardening approach, try cacti or succulents. If you’re really looking to get your hands dirty, try your hand at citrus fruits!

Find the Right Nourishment

Another key aspect to a great home garden is ensuring that your garden gets the proper diet for the environment that it’s in. Whether it’s the right type of soil or fertilizer, or even a specific plant nutrient, finding the right pairing can be the difference between withered and wilting, and green and gregarious. Check out this link for a good overview of what soil types work best for different types of plants.

Make Your Garden Sustainable

One of the best ways to have a healthy home garden is to incorporate it into your home’s food chain. By using bokashi fermentation to recycle all of the organic waste that your family creates, your garden not only becomes more sustainable, but the excellent plant nourishment that results from the bokashi fermentation process is proven to create healthier, tastier, better looking crops.

If you’re interested in adding bokashi fermentation to your home gardening approach, check out the Bokashi Cycle store, to find the perfect complements to your home garden today!

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