The Industrial Applications of Bokashicycle

food producers

While more and more domestic gardening enthusiasts are discovering the power and effectiveness of bokashi fermentation everyday, the application of this revolutionary organic waste disposal process to industrial food producers is still in its infancy. Bokashicycle systems are simple, low cost, and fast for anyone looking to recycle organic food waste, and this applies to industrial farms as well as small-scale gardens. Not only does it reduce your organic waste footprint, but it turns the waste into high value products (AgrowTeaTM and AgrowPulpTM), which can increase the efficiency of your agricultural production, and the value of your crops.  

Why Industrial Food Producers Should Choose Bokashi Cycle

There are many current problems with organic waste disposal for food producers. The existing organic waste disposal processes that are available for industrial food producers (especially composting), make significant greenhouse gas contributions, releasing massive amounts of carbon. Pressure from the market also incentivizes the use of chemical fertilizers and fumigants. Organic waste disposal is also an enormous hassle for food producers, who have to spend precious time and resources getting rid of it.

Bokashicycle partners with industrial clients to develop and implement long term cost effective, profitable, and efficient organic waste solutions on massive scales, providing turnkey systems for waste processing. Through both domestic and international patents for industrial scale waste processing, trade secrets, and know how, we have developed the capacity and capabilities to help growers improve their soil and agricultural crop performance, free of chemical toxins and hazards.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of industrial Bokashicycle applications are wide-ranging, and all-encompassing. You can reduce the environmental impact of your operation, remove the strain of organic waste disposal, and produce better, healthier, tastier crops.

  • Quick and Convenient: Bokashicycle makes organic waste disposal easy, accessible, and cost-effective, all year long.
  • Productive: Bokashicycle turns organic waste into productive soil nutrients, AgrowTeaTM and AgrowPulpTM
  • Sustainable: Bokashicycle reduces groundwater contamination, greenhouse gas and methane production, while also saving water
  • Scalable: Bokashicycle’s industrial applications are very scalable, without expensive modification or upgrading, and minimal maintenance and training required

If you’re an industrial food producer looking to empower yourself in the organic waste disposal process, contact Bokashicycle today, or check out our industrial food producer solutions page for more information.

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